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Chicago Blast Soccer Fall Success!

Chicago Blast Soccer Fall Success!

Dear Chicago Blast Families:

Our fall outdoor season turned out to be very successful in several areas:

From a technical and tactical point of view the club was able to successfully reach most if its targets in implementing Methodology, Style of Play, and Elevate Individual and Collective growth. Coaches worked very hard in providing age and ability training programs to all the teams and at the same time allowing player development and game management to be the main focus during the Fall Season.

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  • U12 Pre Academy 1st Place Premiership Division (undefeated)
  • U14 Pre Academy 2nd Place Premiership Division



    • U8 Red 2nd Place
    • U9 Blue 1st Place
    • U10 Blue 1st Place
    • U10 Select 2nd Place
    • U11 Red 2nd Place
    • U12 Blue 2nd Place
    • U14 Red Boys 1st Place
    • U14 Blue Girls 1st Place ( undefeated)



Schaumburg Soccer Fest 2013

U10 Red Finalists

U12 Pre Academy Finalists

U14 Academy Finalists

U13 Pre Academy Boys 1st Place


Scott Gallagher Fall Festival, St. Louis, MO

U12 Pre Academy 1st Place

U13 Pre Academy Finalists


SuperClubs Rockford Cup

U9 Red Finalists

U11 Blue Finalists

U13 Red 1st place




Congratulations to our U12 Pre Academy, U13 Pre Academy, and U14 Academy teams in competing at the ESPN Disney Jr. Soccer Showcase. Chicago Blast teams were very successful in competing in the highest division, and against some of the best teams in the country. The trip provided many experiences on and off the field and opportunity to soundly support the direction the club is taking in regards to player development.

More teams will be attending the President’s Day Tournament in Disney and other tournaments.



I would like to take a moment and let everyone know what an incredible job our Team Administrators have done this year in providing information and all the care they put into every single child.

This has to be one the best group of Administrators the Chicago Blast Soccer Club has had since the Club has been founded. I personally am very proud of each and every TA and at the same time grateful for all the effort our TA’S are providing in making our club special. For example, having every team wear training gear to practices has clearly improved our image and has made many players more conscientious and responsible. This was the primary work of our TA’S. Training does not look sloppy from the outside any longer.

Their effort goes much further then providing information to all the families, players, and coaches. The team administrators are in process of putting together several committees to help run our club smoothly.  The new Online Shop will be available in few days.

      • Dan McDonald has worked hard in providing information for the web site and offering the on line partnership opportunities for the club.
      • Jovanka Corazzina provided photography for the website.
      • Mike Fitzgerald, Lisa McCarthy, and Brian Becker are involved with providing the club with future planning and projects.

When you have a moment please take time to personally thank your TA for all the effort and time that is being provided. Thank you to everyone who have stepped up and helped us behind the scenes in both the Chicago Blast and SAFE FOUNDATION BENEFIT needs.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Aleks Mihailovic