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Aleks Mihailovic Appointed Technical Director For American Soccer League (ASL)

Aleks Mihailovic Appointed Technical Director For American Soccer League (ASL)

PHILADELPHIA (Jan 17, 2014) – American Soccer League (ASL) is proud to announce Aleks Mihailovic of Chicago, IL has been appointed as its inaugural Technical Director. Mihailovic will oversee the league’s talent development as well as its corresponding reserve and youth modules.

“I’m excited to join ASL because I see the potential it has to impact the game across the USA,” said Mihailovic. “The league also boasts great leadership figures that grew up on the game and have a proven track record of making sound business decisions. For me, that is huge.”

Mihailovic served as National Director of Coaching for United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and played professionally with the Washington Diplomats and Jacksonville Tea Men of the North American Soccer League. He is a Jacksonville University Hall of Fame inductee and ended his career at JU as its all-time leading scorer and was a two-time All-American.

Mihailovic led the NCAA Division 1 in assists in 1978 and was named Player of the Decade by JU. He became the third player in NCAA history to accumulate 40 career goals and 40 career assists.

Mihailovic boasts over 20 years of elite-level coaching experience at the youth, adult, and professional levels. In 2009, he was inducted into the Illinois State Soccer Association Hall of Fame. He believes there needs to be a level of consistency in training methods and curriculums in order for any organization to flourish as a whole.

“The ASL methodology will remain consistent throughout all the tiers. The first teams, reserve teams, academy teams, and youth teams will all strive to bridge the perceived gap between American players and their international counterparts,” declared Mihailovic. “ We’re looking to improve decision‐making, on and off the ball. There needs to be a purpose behind every pass, every run, and every action on the field.”

ASL President, Matt Driver, believes Mihailovic is the right man to guide the infant league into the future.

“Aleks (Mihailovic) is one of the most respected soccer minds the country,” proclaimed Driver. “His knowledge of the game and vision for expansion makes him the ideal Technical Director for ASL.”

Mihailovic will begin his term effective immediately and will be formally introduced at the National Soccer Coaches’ Association of America (NSCAA) convention held in Philadelphia this weekend.

“I want to establish an attractive style of play for the fans and business partners.” Announced Mihailovic. “ ASL needs to surround itself with intelligent soccer minds. We cannot afford to make any mistakes as ASL and its Canadian counterpart, Canadian Soccer League (CSL), prepare for the future.”

Mihailovic currently lives in Chicago where he serves as President of the Chicago Blast Soccer Club and is the founding principal of Soccer Made in America.

About American Soccer League (ASL) – ASL is a North American soccer league set to kick off its inaugural season in 2014. The league features teams in the Northeast and Midwest regions of the United States. ASL has also partnered with the Canadian Soccer League (CSL) to provide international competition. For more information please visit www.APSsoccer.net or www.CanadianSoccerLeague.com.