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Chicago Blast Soccer Club Coaching Staff


Chicago Blast Soccer Club Coaching Staff

Chicago Blast players and families are highly impressed with training directing and methodology for development of the Chicago Blast Soccer Club coaching staff.

During the first part of the season many families and players are expressing positive opinions in regards to Chicago Blast Soccer Club’s training philosophy. The new methodology being introduced is starting to take hold at most ages and levels throughout the club. Many new players and players who have been previously with the club are experiencing a high level of new technical and tactical methodology being implemented on a consistent basis.

All Chicago Blast Teams are being trained with a “Modern Training Methodology” for speed of play and speed of thought for both attacking and defending aspects. All technical aspects are consistently reinforced during each training session in all primary skilled areas.

. Passing and receiving at speed
. Playing through the thirds
. Playing out of pressure
. Applying pressure
. Movement with and without the ball
. Goalkeeping essentials

In the next phase playing in and out of tight spaces, first touch under pressure, and overall technical efficiency will be the main focus between November and April.

The new SMIA PRIVATE TRAINING is becoming very popular throughout the club. This format has taken over a year to perfect and it is showing outstanding improvement among players who are in the program.

The training is having significant impact upon:
. Acceleration with and without the ball
. Mobility with and without the ball
. Technical Elevation
. Body Mechanics
. Shooting and Finishing
. Goalkeeping

Our coaches do appreciate the awareness and input our parents are providing to the club, especially when its regarding development.