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Chicago Blast Soccer Club has a “BLAST”!

Illinois FC Update

Chicago Blast Soccer Club has a “BLAST”!

Eight Blast teams take trophies

What a great weekend. The weather was fantastic,
Chicago Blast teams performed magnificently,
and the kids had a Blast.

Illinois FC Update








Giving it all!

Chicago Blast Soccer Club sent 11 teams to Champaign, Illinois to participate in the Illinois Spring Invite. Eight out of eleven teams made it into the championship game, four teams winning first place, and three teams winning second place trophies and medals.

If you missed it, there were over times and penalty shoot outs, celebrations, tears, and most of all there was a whole lot of fun. Everything you can possibly experience in a tournament setting was experienced this past weekend. Every team gave everything they had by playing hard, effective, and attempting to play good soccer. Congratulations to all the teams, players, coaches, team administrators, and parents who participated in the tournament. Chicago Blast Soccer Club is very proud of all the success but also in the way our players conducted themselves on and off the field.

For some players this was their first tournament experience. There were some very exciting games and moments our kids experienced.


How about those U-8 players. What a growing and fantastic experience the little guys had by beating up on those U-9 teams and making it to the championship game. Not bad for having several six year olds competing against nine year old players.


Our girls teams were fantastic. All the teams, including our girls played their hearts out all weekend long. The U-11 Chicago Blast Girls deserved to be Champions. They outplayed and out worked their competition in every game. U-16 Boys were outstanding in every game scoring some unbelievable goals from distance and combination play. It was very exciting to see Chicago Blast teams support other Chicago Blast teams during the tournament.


• U-8 Red Finalists
• U-9 Red Champions, 1st Place
• U-10 Blue Champions, 1st Place
• U-11 Blue Finalists
• U-11 Girls Finalists
• U-12 Blue Champions, 1st Place
• U-12 Red Finalists – Lost on penalty kicks
• U-16 Select Boys Champions

Congratulations to Everyone!