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Chicago Blast Teams Do well During Indoor Season


Chicago Blast Teams Do well During Indoor Season

To all Chicago Blast teams, players, and families,
The following is a recap of the indoor 2012-13 season. The indoor season was very successful in several areas during the past six months.


We were able to successfully achieve several goals we planned for this indoor season, starting with implementation of new and enhanced technical and tactical methods all across the club for all of our teams. In our style of play, we also provided newness but retained our traditional core. Both areas are impacting development and performance.
Individual and group skills required in possessing the ball are having a significant impact due to the methodology used. Having access to the facility on I-55 and California was outstanding.


Improved touch and feel for the ball for those players who participated in skills sessions, on a consistent basis. In addition, we focus on improving body mechanics and confidence.?


Many of our players had a chance to train and play throughout the club. Many of our teams had lots of success in league play. During the indoor season several teams who came in third place at Max McCook League like our U-17 Red girls, U-14 Red Boys, and U-13 Red boys, were only a point or a win away from being in first place.


U-15 Academy Team playing in a U-16 division, 1st Place


  • U-10 Blue Boys, 2nd Place
  • U-11 Silver Boys, 1st Place
  • U-14 Silver Boys, 1st Place


The game of the year took place last weekend when two Chicago Blast teams, U-11 Silver and U-10 Blue met in the finals at Bo Jackson. What a game, absolute bedlam in the stands. Both teams tied at the end of regulation and going into penalty shoot out to determine the championship. Both Chicago Blast teams literally went through the entire roster by taking penalties before the U-11 Silver won the shootout and first place. What a game. I am so proud of both teams.


U-10 Red Boys, 1st Place regular season, 1st Place in the tournament.
U-13 Blue Boys, 1st Place regular season, 2nd Place in the tournament.
U-14 Blue Boys, 1st Place regular season, 1st Place in the tournament.

Several 1st and 2nd Place Tournaments during the indoor months, as well as both indoor and outdoor tournaments in Disney and Indoor tournaments, starting in November and finishing in April.
The outdoor season has already started for several of our teams. This year Chicago Blast is fielding five teams in the Premiership League with four out of five teams winning their first game. Our younger teams did well in their season opener and I am looking forward to seeing all of our teams perform during the outdoor season.
A consideration looking forward to our next indoor season is to get the U-8 teams to also participate in the Indoor league. This is something we need to take a closer look at for our younger teams. I think having them not compete for six months is a long time. Plus the fact that being deprived of so many experiences and tough competition is something we need to take a closer look at.

Overall I am pleased with player development by our coaches as well as team performance.


Aleks Mihailovic
President, Chicago Blast Soccer Club