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IWSL Player Release Policy

IWSL Player Release Policy

A youth player is committed to a team for the entire soccer-playing year (August 1 through July 31) from the time the IWSL receives the IYSA team roster bearing her name and signature until the end of the soccer-playing year for which the team is being rostered (current year). Not withstanding the previous sentence, it is every player’s right to be released from a team at any time she wishes except where the player owes debts and/or dues to the team and/or has equipment belonging to the team. However, she will not be allowed to join another IWSL team until January 1 of the current soccer playing year. To be eligible to join another IWSL team during the current soccer playing year, a player must be released from her team before or during January of the current year or produce competent evidence that she tried to secure such release and was unable to do so.

The only exceptions to this rule are:
(a) where a player’s home address has changed and is newly at least fifteen (15) miles further from the team’s primary practice location and home game field, or
(b) where a player’s sister plays on another team and transportation to practice and games is a hardship for the family, or
(c) where her team has disbanded or will not play the Spring season, or
(d) where, after the end of the Spring season, the team will not play in State Cup or other post-season tournaments.

No team, club, coach, player or any other person may approach a rostered player of another team to entice her to leave her team or invite her to participate in a competitive game situation without written consent of the player’s team representative. Except as stated in the immediately following paragraph, no player may try out with another team while she is committed to a team without written consent of her team’s representative.
During the period between May 1 and July 31, a player may try out for any team she wishes. During the period beginning May 1, a player may join (sign the roster of) her current team or any other team for the FOLLOWING soccer playing year. However, once she signs a team’s roster for the following soccer playing year and it is filed with the IWSL, she is committed to that team and is no longer free to try out for or join another team for the following soccer playing year.

Nothing in SECTION 9 shall prevent Intra-club transfers. Intra-club transfers shall be reported to IWSL via the IYSA ADD/RELEASE/TRANSFER form and shall be reported to IYSA by the IWSL and will count as one of the three (3) previously registered players on the roster of the team to which the player transfers. A transfer back to the original team will likewise count as one of the three (3) previously registered players on that team’s roster.
All rosters expire at the end of the current soccer playing year (July 31).

Due Process: IWSL decisions regarding transfers may be appealed to the IYSA within ten (10) days of their issuance. Consult IYSA Rules and Regulations (WWW.IYSA.ORG) for the process to be followed.
No release is required to play on a recreational (non-competitive) soccer team as being rostered on both simultaneously is permitted.

D. All requests for players releases and adds (transfers) shall be submitted to the registrar in writing, on IYSA ADD/RELEASE/TRANSFER forms (separate forms) and must be accompanied by the player’s pass from the team she is leaving. Players being released must return all equipment and uniforms belonging to the team and shall pay all incurred debts and/or dues to her team before being released.

E. New players (players joining a team after the original roster is received by IWSL) must be added using an IYSA Add/Release/Transfer form. There is no waiting period for new players to begin playing with the team.

F. Players properly rostered with IWSL may play for another affiliated team other than the team of which she is a member in a friendly exhibition game, park district game, or a sanctioned tournament, if she asks for and receives prior permission from her team’s representative. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO IWSL LEAGUE GAMES.)

G. A team representative is the Head Coach, Assistant Coach or the club’s representative to the IWSL.