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NISL Player Release Policy

Players signing a player registration form are bound to that team for the entire seasonal year unless he/she requests a release. A request for a release must be submitted to the league office on the form provided by the N.I.S.L. stating the reason for the release.

Players may be denied a release by the league office if the player is suspended by the team/club for team/club infractions, owes club fees and equipment. All players must have secured the necessary clearance from the player’s former club before a release is processed.

In the case of a dispute between player and club or between clubs, the N.I.S.L. office, upon receiving written evidence from the club or player, shall evaluate the evidence submitted and allow seven days for response (If the player or club so chooses). The N.I.S.L. administrative office shall render a decision on the status of the player’s registration within seven days from the last receipt of evidence from either party. The N.I.S.L. office decision on these matters may be appealed to IYSA

When a player is released, his/her player pass shall be surrendered to the league office complete with the completed original Add/Release forms.

Players found playing without being properly registered with the league will be suspended.

Players providing false information to the league will be suspended.

Players found producing or using falsified documentation or ID’s will be suspended from playing in the NISL

Players are only permitted to register for one N.I.S.L. team at a time. Players signing and registering for a team while being a registered member of another team will be suspended from playing in the N.I.S.L.

Teams are limited to a total of three inter-club transfers of previously registered players per seasonal year.

NISL Player Release Policy

Teams are not limited to intra-club transfers per seasonal year.

Players are limited to a maximum of one inter-club transfer per seasonal year.

Players are only permitted to register on one. IYSA sanctioned competitive league during a playing season.

Players are permitted to register with their club organization on other passes provided they are U.S. sanctioned and does not violate other N.I.S.L. registration rules.

All player registration expires at the end of the seasonal year.

It is the right of every player to be free to choose which team that he/she wants to play for without fear of intimidation or repercussion from any source. It is in this spirit that the N.I.S.L. permits Free Agency, which is July 1st through July 31st each seasonal year.

Player registration prior to the next seasonal year is not valid until the seasonal year begins August 1st. Players that sign registration forms and passes prior to August 1st may change teams without penalty to the team they are joining. (Ex. Inter-club transfers providing this is done prior to August 1st)