Our Mission



Our mission is to provide guidance on and off the field to all of our young developing soccer players. The primary message to all of the players in the Chicago Blast Soccer Club is in order to succeed at the next level there must be equal success in the classroom as on the soccer field.

  • Loyalty
  • Individualism
  • Team Work
  • Imagination


If you watch Chicago Blast teams play you will find a very entertaining brand of soccer combined with hard working ethics.

It’s not just about Chicago Blast players having and possessing skills and a unique style of play, it’s about developing a whole person on and of the field. It all starts and ends with a hand shake between players and coaches before and after each training session and game. This is part of our culture and a large part of the Chicago Bast Soccer Clubs tradition.

Second significant part is showing players how to become good soccer players. All components coming together to create a unique style of play for the modern game. Chicago Blast Soccer Club has produced some of the best players in the Chicago land area. Collage and US Academy programs love the Blast players because of their technical and tactical preparation.



One of the major differences is the fact that starting from the Silver levels, our Developmental level, our players look to control the ball and spread the
field with purposeful possession.
This is after a period of rebuilding technical foundation and tactical understanding is in place.