Private Training

Private Training


Dear Chicago Blast Parents,

Chicago Blast Soccer Club coaching staff is now set up for Professional Private Training. This training is created for higher level for technical elevation.

In the past we were reluctant to fully engage until the entire program is able to be implemented. I feel very confident that we will offer a far superior program than any other program competition offers.

Each player is evaluated and a personal program is prepared. All training sessions are designed for specific areas such as:

• Precision in Shooting
• Ball Control, all Areas
• Precision in Dribbling, all Surfaces
• Improvisation
• Passing Variations, all Surfaces
• Individual and Small Group Tactics

All scheduled training sessions need to be set up through the Chicago Blast Soccer Club/SMIA office. Do not set up any training with individual coaches without communicating first with the Chicago Blast Administration. The cost for each session is $50 for one- on-one training. The cost for multiple players training session is $40 per player. No more than four players, any more players above four is not considered private training

For any additional information please contact our office, 630-257-6900.