When we first came to try out for the Blast, we had missed most of the club tryouts.  I talked to Aleks who encouraged me to bring my son to one of the club training nights.  He placed him in a small sided 3 v. 3 game, and about five minutes later, he called me over to talk about the way he played.  It was amazing.  Aleks knew so much about him as a player in such a short period of time!  Over the next four years, Aleks and the other coaches have built on his strengths and have strengthened the weak parts of his game to make him a complete player.  More importantly, he has had fun all along the way.

Chris Martin

 My daughter has grown exponentially this past year with the Chicago Blast not just in terms of her soccer skills but her confidence has soared as well. We are truly blessed to have found Chicago Blast!

Jennifer Beagle


Dear parents and players,
Summer marks the time when soccer players and families make choices about where they will play, and for whom they will play for the upcoming year. My family is now in its 11th season of making these choices, and finally, my oldest child is at the point where these seasons of blistering heat, scathing cold, endless hours of practices, games, and travel are starting to pay off. Good and bad, I wouldn’t trade these times for anything because they have, in short, made us a stronger, closer, and more unique family. Specifically for my child, the payoff is coming from recognition and respect at the collegiate level. I attribute a huge portion of this to the coaching and training he has received while playing for the Chicago Blast, attending SMIA training camps, and from the instruction from Coach Alex, Coach Milos, and Coach Tommy. Feedback we have received from major soccer programs such as UCLA, Northwestern, and Harvard University have indicated that he is being well prepared to play NCAA Division 1 soccer.

Last year, my son attended programs at Northwestern and Harvard, where he was evaluated for his ability to play collegiate soccer. Each evaluation consistently noted that my son had an excellent technical ability and tactical understanding of the game. Technical ability is developed by learning the proper way to control your body and the ball. Tactical understanding of the soccer game is a learned ability that is imparted on players by coaches through masterfully crafted training and communication. My son would not have developed these abilities to the collegiate level without the help he received from these coaches. For any parent or player aspiring to play college soccer or develop their game to the highest personal level possible, I strongly encourage them to choose what the Chicago Blast has to offer. Keep your eye on the prize!

Ray Boswell



“Our children have been playing with the Chicago Blast since the club’s inception. Our oldest daughter received a college scholarship and was a starting defender in this, her freshman year. This is attributable to the excellent training she received from Aleks and his staff of professional soccer coaches. The players have fun while learning the fundamentals of soccer and increasing their individual skills. In addition, they learn life skills such as the importance of teamwork, self-discipline, and working to achieve their goals in order to be successful. Over the years, we have seen huge strides in the children’s skill levels and a deepening love and passion for the game. The experience of being involved with the Chicago Blast will have a lasting impact on our family and will no doubt provide our children with fond memories to look back on.”

John & Karen Ford




“Since 1984, Aleks Mihailovic has served the soccer community extremely well and has provided many contributions to the game of soccer. I can speak without hesitation or reservation that Aleks has delivered more than he has ever promised. He is one of our bright young coaches and I am confident he will do an excellent job in the future”

Hank Steinbrecher
Past U.S.S.F. Executive Director/General Secretary



“Aleks and Soccer Made In America are the genuine articles when it comes to caring about the lives and futures of our youth. Just as the legendary Eddie Robinson did for 56 years, Aleks is helping young people understand that their current surrounding in no way predict their future successes. America needs more individuals like Aleks and more opportunities like Soccer Made In America to build bridges for excellence. I am grateful to have a partnership with Soccer Made In America and I am honored to call Aleks my friend.”

Michael Robinson Watkins
Chairman & CEO, The Eddie Robinson Foundation



“It has been my pleasure to know Aleks Mihailovic since 1990. During this time, I have watched him develop into one of the top soccer coaches in the nation. But more importantly, I have seen him grow into an outstanding role model and family man, one to whom I would trust with my own children.”

Rod Carew
Major League Hall of Fame, Member of the 3000 Hit Club, AL M.V.P, AL Rookie of the Year, AL Batting Champ, Major League All-Century Team



Artis Gilmore

“Aleks Mihailovic is an extraordinary individual and a friend for over 25 years. A dedicated professional; I watched him develop into an exceptional coach.”

Artis Gilmore
Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs,
NBA All-Star, All Time Top 50 NBA Players



“We at McDonald’s/Ronald McDonald’s House believe in the goals of the SAFE Foundation which is to provide underprivileged children with opportunities they would not normally enjoy.”

Raul Reyes
Director, McDonald’s U.S. Marketing



“I have been associated with many athletic coaches and managers in my lifetime and I can honestly say I have never seen anyone who cares more than Aleks Mihailovic for the welfare and development of his players both athletically and academically.”

Kevin F. Delaney
Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy




“Aleks, I just want to take a moment and thank you and the entire Soccer Made In America staff for coming out and conducting a soccer clinic for Special Olympics. I also want to thank you for your personal efforts for the past seven years with the Special Olympics Carnival in Rosemont. We at Coca-Cola are proud to be a partner with Soccer Made In America and I am proud to have you as my friend.”

Keith Magnuson
Former Professional NHL Hockey Player and Coach for the
Chicago Blackhawks and Coca-Cola Promotions




“Thank you for what you did for my son.”

Walter Payton
NFL All-Time Leading Rusher and
Hall of Fame Football Player



“I confirm the great knowledge you have in the game of soccer and the effort you provide to promote soccer in the United States will benefit all the young players in the country.”

Bora Milutinovic
National Team Coach, Mexico 1986, Costa Rica 1980
United States 1994, Nigeria 1998 and China 2002

“Aleks is an inspiration to the young people he teaches. My son, who was born deaf, was raised to his highest level of skill and sportsmanship throughout the incredible efforts of Aleks Mihailovic and his outstanding teaching methods. Through his outstanding teaching methods, my son is now pursuing a spot on the Deaf U.S. Olympic Team.”

Tony Majeri
Director of the Art Department,
Chicago Tribune

“The training is phenomenal; you can see the girls’ performance overall as a team improve steadily, in a way I have not experienced when my daughter has been at other clubs.”

Lisa Scott



“After just one session, my sons learned more than they’d learned in a whole season with their other club.”

Sonia Green