From the President’s Desk

Welcome to the Chicago Blast Soccer Club. I would personally like to warmly welcome every current and future player to the Chicago Blast Soccer Club family.

In a short period of time Chicago Blast Soccer Club has had tremendous amount of success at all levels of competition. Chicago Blast is a community based soccer club located in Oak Brook, Hinsdale and downtown Chicago area and newly formed south region. The club reaches out to players throughout the entire Chicago land area and northwest Indiana.

Tryouts are an exciting time of the year. It is the beginning where everything starts all over again. Integration of new players, preparation for pre-season, and it is an opportunity to make brand new friends. If you are a parent or new player who would like to become a soccer player with the Chicago Blast, please take a moment to see how individual development is a major part of our vision.

Currently there is a lot of interest in the Chicago Blast Soccer Club from higher level players. I am also proud to say that our professional coaches do an outstanding job in all levels of talent from the beginning level, competitive, and highly competitive levels.

With the success at Disney’s Junior Classis at Wide World of Sports in Orlando, President’s Day tournament in Phoenix, Arizona, Continental Cup in Cleveland, Ohio, NIKE Cup in Chicago, Metro United in St. Louis, Germantown Invitational in Memphis, Tennessee, the club has become a highly profiled soccer club at the national scene.

The Chicago Blast currently has several nationally ranked teams and because of this success, our club is being invited all across United States, Mexico and Europe to participate at variety of events. The latest invitation has come from the best youth tournament in the world, the Dallas Cup.

Because of this success, many of our players and teams are receiving attention from Division I, II, III, and NAIA Collegiate programs across the United States.


What makes the Chicago Blast special is our attention to development. People with all types of levels in sports recognize that quality training is the most essential component for a developing soccer player.

Players at all ages need an opportunity to fulfill their potential. Young players need to develop proper technical skills at an early age otherwise bad habits will hinder individual growth. Also, tactical decision making situations have to be encouraged early, otherwise tactical growth will stagnate.

In youth soccer, if players are not improving and are stagnating, that usually means they are not being challenged and have outgrown their environment.
The success of our program can not be only measured by the success of on wins and losses. It is the implementation of our training program and sound framework that is having a positive impact on our developing and advanced players.

In conclusion, I want to express my warmest congratulations to all of our players, and coaches who have worked very hard for the success they are receiving. We are looking forward to working with all the new players and the next generation who will wear the Blast blue and white.

Thank you for visiting us, everyone is welcome.


Aleks Mihailovic
Chicago Blast Soccer Club

How You Can Tryout For The Chicago Blast Soccer Club

If you are interested in receiving tryout information or would like to join the Chicago Blast Soccer Club, please send us an email or contact us at 630-257-6900